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Creative, Emerging Theological Words

From my expansive reading, I’ve come to see the need for some new, emerging theological vocabulary.
wishional church— those faith communities longing to be a missional church
hermesleuthtics— the process of finding “secrets” in the biblical text, i.e., the “secrets” of a successful marriage, the “secrets” of overcoming all doubt, the “secrets” of the End Times, etc.
Calvinblistic— description of vitriolic language used by classical determinists to excoriate others
Empireronomics— the results of detecting the concept of “empire” permeating the biblical text
superslapsarianism— Reformed seminarians slapping each other a high five (points).
Obamalogy— discovering how Barak Obama is closer to Jesus than ______.
Old Testosteronement— a Texas manual of new sexual insights into the “Song of Songs”
N.T. Wrightitis— a rash some conservatives get when reading Tom Wright’s views on Pauline theology
theosystemicide— the decline of interest in systematic theology
“Tickling the ears”— hearing more from Madame P. T. about the Great Emergence (which by the way is very stimulating)
Bible Belt Buckle— a Southern Baptist blackberry dessert casserole
Hallelacunae! — the joyful shout textual critics make when they resolve a crucial textual issue
theoneurological map— exquisite exegetical pursuit to tell others exactly what God thinks by going behind the revealed text into the very brain of God (see hermesleuthtics above).
innerinerrancy— (related to “theoneurological map”) the concept guiding some exegetes who actually have the ability to read more from a biblical text than the Holy Spirit ever intended be read (and they feel quite proud of themselves).