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For Six Stems of Grain

Children and victims of the Forced Famine 1932-33
I don’t understand the reluctance of the Western world to come strongly to the defense, support and well-being of Ukraine. Ukraine’s history is second to none in terms of living under harsh political oppression. Ukrainians generally are peace-loving and seek to pose no threat in their region. Western allies and NATO, in my opinion, are flaccid in offering strong defense of Ukraine’s interest. Somebody needs to tell Putin and Russia in no uncertain terms, “Keep your greedy, oppressive eyes and armies off Ukraine.”
On my last visit I wandered the area of a new memorial in Kiev to mark the deaths of millions of Ukrainians by a forced famine planned and ruthlessly executed by Josef Stalin in 1932-33. Ukrainian peasants produced tons of grain and these farmers were required to ship it to Russia so the Russians could eat. In the midst of this agricultural bounty, innocent, hard-working Ukrainian farmers and families starved to death. Pure evil in genocide form.

The statue shows the young girl holding six stems of grain. It was illegal at the time to personally possess this much “food” if you were a Ukrainian. You could be arrested and shot. In the background of the picture on the right is the memorial proper. Lying around the area are huge millstones, symbolizing the hard work to produce so much grain.
That another “government” would purposely destroy the very ones supplying them food to live is beyond evil. It is irrational. Evil is irrational.
I love the Ukrainian evangelical church, especially the believing communities who came into being since the Independence of 1991. The leaders and people of these churches are courageous, creative and compassionate. When they find their voice to speak to the world, the global church will be deeply enriched.
Stop. Pray for Ukraine.