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Going Rogue: An American Life– Review

The following review of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue: An American Life is by Julie A. Frye, my fantastic wife. I am glad to have Julie join me at “Jesus the Radical Pastor.”
When Sarah Palin was introduced to the 2008 political scene, I was instantly curious to know more about her.  I followed the news stories on TV, the Internet and the press enjoying the fresh and vibrant woman presented to us.  When the campaign came to Michigan, my friends and I sat close in the town hall meeting as we listened to her ideas and plans for the future of our country.  She was a delight to watch and to hear.
We all know how the campaign “turned” and I was saddened that I wouldn’t see Sarah put into practice her America-loving ideas and plans.
When her book Going Rogue: An American Life came out and she announced that she would return to Michigan for her first book signing, I decided I needed to buy the book and hopefully get a signature and handshake from Sarah.  Unfortunately I didn’t get either, but I had fun waiting in line, chatting with others and quickly getting a glimpse of her as she left the building.
I just completed reading the book and she once again has ignited my curiosity and satisfied my questions about the campaign.  I love the initial chapters detailing her childhood and early years growing up in Alaska.  Moving on to her political life as mayor and governor, the chapters painted a story of endurance, ability and love of country.  I was apprehensive to read about the campaign, as reviewers were accusing her of being “whiny,” avenging the horrid treatment she received on the campaign tour.    Some who supported her were accusing her of tearing down those who put her in the spotlight.
Instead I read the account of a liberal community destroying a woman who carefully balanced her family and her politics.  With great detail, Sarah describes several of the “notorious” attacks upon her and family.  It is easy to see and difficult to understand the extent to which her so-called campaign team failed in presenting an accurate image of Sarah to America.  I didn’t see Sarah as whining but rather as setting the record straight. Never has any woman been subjected to such biased, political scrutiny.
Sarah’s anecdotal stories are charming especially relating to her children.  I also love her response to the divorce rumors.  “Divorce Todd?  Have you seen Todd?”
All this to say, “Read the book”.   It is instructive, engaging, humorous and factual.  Maybe next time she comes to Michigan I will get an autograph.