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Turning 60 can be fun…I think. stethoscope-7347114

Thanks, blogosphere friends and up-close-and-personal-friends and family for helping turn 60 be as painless as possible.

I gave myself a gift on my birthday—I scheduled my annual physical exam. You thought I was crazy; now you know I am. My doctor told me that if seeing him was the highlight of my birthday, he feels very sorry for me. Well, I hate it when he says “Bend over.” Other than needing to watch my good and bad cholesterol levels, I’m a fine specimen of a 60 year old, white USAmerican male. I gave him a signed copy of Out of Print: A Novel. He said, “Thanks. And you’ll need a colonoscopy in the next year or two.” Thanks, Doc.

I also got to renew our auto license year stickers/registrations…always a treat on my birthday. But even that was quick; I was in and out of the Secretary of State’s building in less than 15 minutes. It usually takes 15 hours. I didn’t see any skeletons this time with their little paper numbers in their grip. I thought I’d died and gone to license plate heaven.

The best part of the day was having a good (restaurant) breakfast and a wonderful evening meal out, too, with Julie, my bride of 38 years. She looked absolutely stunning across the table at Marco’s, one of our favorite go-out-to-eat places. She got me a copy of John Grisham’s latest novel Playing for Pizza. I can report that I have read every previous novel by Grisham as well as his non-fiction An Innocent Man.

See WZZM 13 “Take Five.” On my birthday as well, I was interviewed on a local TV news magazine called “Take Five.” I was asked by the host, Catherine Berendt, about my novel Out of Print and also my opinion about the tragic shootings at the YWAM retreat center and New Life Church in Colorado. I basically said that evil is irrational and no one can make sense of events such as these. God sent Jesus who shrunk the whole Bible down to “Love God totally and love others deeply.”

Being 60 is O.K. in my book…so far.

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