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I am a part of a cadre of crazy friends who like to play with words. I offer you some new ones to use:

photato– a picture of a potato

sexegesis– Christian sexuality counseling

clergometer– all pastors’ speedometers that allow them 20 mph over the liimit anytime, anywhere

digidirt– the dust and other particles that collect between your computer keyboard keys

beelzeboobs– the well-endowed woman who distracts male worshipers

beelzestud– the well-chiseled hunk of a man who distracts female worshipers

biblioscopic– viewing all of life through the lens of your favorite Bible verse, for example, Rom 8:28.

logectomy– the removal of the log from your own eye before removing the speck from your friend’s eye

versebosity– the annoying habit of rudely quoting Bible verses to anyone you meet.

From my friend, Tim…

aphonement– the use of the cell phone during worship

limited aphonement– the more discreet, polite use of the cell phone during worship

exe-Jesus!– a response like “Where in the heck did that interpretation of the text come from?!”

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