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I finished Donald Miller’s newest book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life. Julie read it before I did and it has sparked vigorous conversations among us. Of course, we were treated to Donald Miller’s humor, transparency and provocative ideas. This book is chocked full of stories that make you laugh and others that sober you up and bring you to tears.

The central structural idea of the book is Donald working with 2 friends to write a movie script of Donald’s ordinary life as presented in Blue Like Jazz. We journey through the process and learn the elements of a good story and we are privy to the reservations Donald has about his life being either compelling or movie worthy.

What I perceive (and if it is intentional, it is sheer genius) is that Donald Miller offers us a new perspective on the term “good news” (gospel).  As followers of Jesus, we not only have a gospel, we are a gospel. As Donald works to make his life into a good story, we learn ways that Donald is expressing a life-for-the-sake-of-others. In this sense, the book becomes a challenge to the readers.

What I found personally surprising was Donald’s reunion with his father after a thirty year absence. Those of you who have read my story in Jesus the Pastor: Leading Others in the Character and Power of Christ know the similarities between Donald’s father issues and reunion and my own.

I think you’ll enjoy Donald Miller’s new book.


Donald’s New Book

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