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jesus the radical pastor | exploring the life and mission of the 1st century Jesus for our 21st century » Blog Archive » Friday, 5/16, in Ukraine

Today I finish both the teaching assignments in Lutsk. I just finished the morning sessions at Fimiam (Incense) Church. I taught an introduction to and overview of each of the Gospels and Acts, and introduced the person of the Apostle Paul. The students are eager learners, all in some form of rehab. THey are amazingly respectful and desiring to soak anything about the Scriptures and Christian living.

Tonight I will conclude the sessions on “the kingdom of God” at New Life Church. Here, too, the people are enthusiastic to learn and so appreciative of the teaching. I taught 1) Old Testament Foundations of the Kingdom of God, 2) the Battle (wholistic worldview), 3) Jesus as God’s Agent of the Kingdom (as revealed in Luke’s Gospel) and 4) the church as the continuing presence of Jesus and agent of the Kingdom (Book of Acts). Tonight is an open discussion, Q & A, and making these truths applicable to the Ukrainian Church and culture.

I don’t know eactly what the weekend and Monday and Tuesday hold for me in Lutsk, but it will be interesting whatever it is. My friend, Sasha Savich, will arrange various opportunities to serve. Next Wednesday I go to Kiev for two days and spend time with Maksim and Lena Rakovich. Then fly home.

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