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Pastor enters politics!

[note: Since I entered the race, I have taken a 6 point lead in the polls. I want to thank all “the little people” who are making my candidacy a referendum on the pathetic condition of current USAmerican politics. God bless you; and may God bless Michigan (State).]

I’ve had it. I am mad. I am hungry for POWER. I want to rule over others and control their lives. Too much individual liberty and personal freedom is ruining our great country. Democracy is a failure. It is now time for real, manly rule.

I know I have to take baby steps. But hear me. I am on my way to the big house. Oops, I mean the White House. When I get there I will rule with a silk-covered iron hand. I will clean up the messes made by our phony balony leaders in D.C. who are lining their pockets with tax-payers money. My money and your money.

Pastors of the nation, unite! Leave your pulpits and run for public office. We can change, I mean, really change America! No more gospel of kingdom stuff. It’s time to act! And act now. Why pray when we can have political power.

I am John Frye and I approve this message.

(note: written entirely with tongue-in-cheek)