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While here in Ukraine, I have been memed by my friend and colleague, Jeremy Bouma, asking for a list of my all-time top 10 favorite movies.

Here are the rules:

1. list your top 10 favorite movies in no particular order,

2. give a hat tip (HT) to Dan,

3. tag another 3-5 people,

4. recognize the friend who tagged you (a link of cyberspace love).


1. Ben Hur

2. any Pink Panther film with Peter Sellers

3. Crash

4. The Count of Monte Cristo (Jim Caviezel)

5. Good Will Hunting

6. Schindler’s List

7. Glory (with Denzel Washington)

8. The Bourne Identity series

9. The Princess Bride and…

10. Father of the Bride
I tag Leah Schwedler, Ken Kemp and Denny Gunderson.

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