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I am in the home of Volodya Volianyk with his wife, Nadia, and three lovely daughters–Ilonka, Susan and Danka. Volodya is the new pastor of God’s Design in Lutsk, Ukraine. He has a pastor’s heart, a leader’s vision and a pioneer’s courage and tenacity.

Because he is the father of daughters, I have an immediate affinity with Volodya. We have spent this day discussing the church, Bible teachings, politics, economy and a myriad of other things. His girls, as you can see, are beautiful and the oldest, Ilonka, serves as interpreter for the family and me. She hopes to come to the U.S. and spend 6 months learning English in a special school in New York. She is a talented and sweet girl. Susan was born in Poland and is 14 and Danka is 11.

I have “adopted” them as my Ukrainian daughters

Danka                     Susan                  Ilonka

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