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UPDATE: John Piper has clarified his writing quoted below on his blog “Desiring God.”  I noticed, however, that John Piper did not address his use of the verb “excommunicated.”

I am grateful for Piper’s clarification, but do not agree with his idea of theological homogeneity at a higher educational institution (like a college or seminary).

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Fasten your ‘heretic ’ seatbelts, friends, because turbulence is just ahead.  Luckily John Wesley, D.L. Moody and Charles Finney and so many other Christian leaders escaped the fascinatingly and keenly discerning words of Pastor Piper.

Yes, John Piper, Protestant Guru of USAmerican Classical Deteminists, has spoken.

 Writing on the subject of Arminianism, John Piper asks, “But how
should we regard these errors in relationship to the teaching office
of the church and other institutions?”
  (emphasis mine)

Answering his own question, Piper writes: “Here’s my rule of thumb: the more responsible a person is to shape the thoughts of others about God, the less Arminianism should be tolerated. Therefore church members should not be excommunicated for this view but elders and pastors and seminary and college teachers should be expected to hold the more fully biblical view of grace.” (emphasis mine)

 “Do you separate from a denomination that allows pastors and seminary teachers to believe and teach this error? You can. We do. Oh, how we need discernment concerning how helpful you might be to the cause of
Christ and his truth.”

Did Piper actually use the word “excommunicated” in the direction of elders, pastors, college and seminary professors? I’m probably on his list, then. This is absolutely unbelievable. Who does Piper think he is? 2637_How_I_Distinguish_Between_the_Gospel_and_False_Gospels/

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