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Taranka (dried fish)

Yesterday I had another, first-time Ukrainian experiece: I ate taranka–dried, salted whole fish that you break apart and eat the fleshy meat (not the skin, head or bones, of course). “They are much better than potato chips, ” my hosts told me. And let me tell you, they’re way more fishy than potato chips, too. I couldn’t hardly wait to get to my dental floss and toothpaste and brush.

I had dinner with Vlodya and his family. He has a lovely wife and 3 gorgeous daughters. I can identify with him and raise him one. I have four gorgeous daughters. Ilona, his oldest daughter, translated for me. The dinner was “pawt” (or pot), a potato and meat dish served to each one in individual little clay pots. I had mineral water from the Carpathian mountains. It was delicious. The taranka was a “snack” later in the day.

Vlodya arranged for me to teach at New Life Church on the topic “The Kingdom of God and the Christian Life and Ministry.” The sessions are going well. Vlodya is a leader there and there are some serious local church issues he and others are facing. I listened to him and tried to offer encouraging and helpful counsel.

Prayers for me and ministry here and for my family are truly welcomed.

Oh, for a bag of Lays potato chips.

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