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       THE CASE FOR LEE STROBEL: WHO IS THE MAN…REALLY?              (Funk Hollow, TN: Apologetica I Gettica Press, 2007)

This new book is here just in time for Christmas. What a gift!

From the back jacket…

       After extensive research, the authors of THE CASE FOR LEE STROBEL

      offer startling evidence that Lee Strobel is a “composite being.”

      Who do the people say that he is? Some think he is

      a cool dude version of the ‘there-is-nothing-new-under-

      the-sun’ Norman Geisler while others conclude that

      Lee Strobel is a more hip reincarnation of Josh McDowell.

      You read! You decide!

“I was absolutely bowled over by the extensive and extravagant data in this book. The charts and graphs were fascinatingly gripping. I applaud these courageous researchers for their careful and extensive work in bringing these hithertofore unknown truths to light. Christians of all traditions everywhere will benefit from this exquisitely timely tome.”

                                    –Bishop N.T. Wrong, Cannon Fodder Scholar

“As a former friend of Lee Strobel’s, I was shocked to discover that Lee is a mere theological construct of hackneyed Enlightenment categories of truth. I mourn the loss of one heck of a good guy. To read this new book about Lee, or who I thought was Lee, takes guts, let me tell you.”

                                   –Slot McSheen, author of THE JESUS STEED

Chapters include…

Lee Strobel: The Manuscript Evidence

Was he really a hard-bitten reporter for a major Chicago paper? Or was he a mild-mannered devotee of the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer, the real apologist?

Lee Strobel: The Testimonial Evidence

Was he a teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church? Or was he really Bill Hybels disguised as a guy with a sense of humor? Or was he maybe St. John of Ortberg?

What Would Jesus Say to Lee Strobel?

Would the ‘Case Christ’ have a few archeological bones to pick with the mystery man ? Or could the composite structure called Lee Strobel simply be a Jesus Seminar diversion?

A must read for this turbulent time, what with all this e-m-e-r-g-e-n-t stuff flying around. Read the book and discover all this and much more!  Arriving at your favorite The Case for Christian Bookstores soon!

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