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Children used in Nazi medical experiments*

I watched a video titled “Inhumanity” produced by Day of Discovery (a Radio Bible Class production). It was about the Slavic holocaust as the Nazis moved east toward Russia through Poland and Belarus. As I watched I kept playing over in my mind a concept from J. I. Packer’s little book Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God. Packer introduced me to the teaching that within God’s eternal and all-inclusive decree God decreed even the hostile activities of Satan himself against God. If Satan’s deeds are God-decreed then it follows all the evils of human beings are decreed by God, too. The ten dollar word for this is antinomy.

This is fine theological concept in the safety of a seminary classroom as the best minds wrestle with theodicy (the justice of God). To me, it is theological malpractice in the face of incarnate, unimaginable evil. Gaze at the picture of the children above and think, “My gracious, loving, almighty sovereign God ‘decreed’ these Nazi demonic medical experiments on these innocent children. And my God did this for his glory.” Does that even compute?

The classical determinists are fine as long as evil is a concept to wrestle with. They have no good answer for answering exactly why a God defined by John the Apostle as Love could decree (predetermine) heinous evil as illustrated in the picture above. And I am so sick when the classical determinists respond that it is a “mystery.” What a sorry, sorry cop-out.

A great, seasoned theologian friend of mine blurted out one time in a prayer meeting when a young man complained about why God allowed a horrible thing to happen in his life, “I am tired of all the bad and evil things that happen being laid at the feet of God. He had nothing to do with it!”

Now we’re getting somewhere.

* from Google/images.

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