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Because the cross of Jesus is so central to our faith, we often have a hard time reframing it as a preparatory step in fulfilling God’s dream. God ’s dream is to have a multinational community of voluntary lovers who are engaged in God’s mission for this planet. The life of Jesus, and his death, burial, resurrection, and ascension were all preparatory in fulfilling God’s dream. Pentecost launched God’s dream in human history. The Story moves from a uninational (Israel) to a multinational (church) community empowered by the Spirit to be God’s “new humanity” on earth. A new humanity with a mission…announcing and living cosmic redemption of “all things” under the lordship of Jesus the Messiah (see Colossians 1).

Jesus was promised (OT texts)

Jesus was born and lived some 33 years.

Jesus died.

Jesus was buried.

Jesus rose from the dead into a new dimension of life.

Jesus appeared for 40 days and ascended to God’s right hand.


Jesus and the Father poured out the Spirit on all flesh.

The new covenant community is launched, wobbling along at first and then taking off.

God’s dream is being realized…all nations blessed and one and with access to the Father through his Son Jesus Christ.

Pentecost Sunday (Whitsunday), May 31, is coming. Celebrate!

Are you part of the dream?

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