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Posted in Jesus, Ministry on Jul 19th, 2008

I was trained to do proper exegesis, that is, to rightly divide the Word of truth. Seminaries are good for teaching students how to do that kind of thing.
Jesus is teaching me to another type of exegesis: to exegete lives. Exegesis comes from a Greek word that means “to lead out.” It is the discipline of studying […]

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Posted in Emergent Conversation, Jesus on Jul 11th, 2008

JESUS EMERGES by John W Frye   Jesus emerges into the public eye, a young man into a stiff culture that revered the Torah-seasoned wisdom of old age. Jesus, pushing hard on received, sacred categories, created quite a stir on the Bible-based, right-wing blogs, where he was labeled a deceiver, demon-possessed, crazy and, oh!, leading the simple youth astray. The Jerusalem posts skewered this upstart Galilean

carpenter, who healed blind […]

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Posted in Jesus, Poems on Jul 2nd, 2008

Sensitive to Smell by John W Frye They could have heard a feather drop. Quiet. Still. An eye blink a thunder clap. She snapped the frail neck of the valued jar. Surprising, captivating smells assault their senses


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Posted in Culture, Jesus, Theology on Jun 30th, 2008

CONTEXT MATTERS Have you ever been bored silly listening once again to the flight attendant rattling off the routine “…in case of loss of air cabin pressure, an oxygen mask blah, blah, blah…”?

How can a life-saving device be considered so boring? Next time you’re on a jet, look intently and with great interest at the flight attendant […]

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Posted in Jesus, Ministry on Jun 8th, 2008

                 two lepta (google image) I am fascinated by Jesus’ great reversals, i.e., the last shall be first, the greatest among you must be servant of all, and his declaration that “this poor widow” has given more money to the Temple treasure than all the rich together (Mark 12:43). JESUS WATCHED: Mark 12:41-42

Mark records an out-of-the-ordinary episode in Jesus’ fast-paced life and […]

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Posted in Jesus on May 1st, 2008

“Tiberias Caesar August Son of Divine Augustus”
This inscription with an image of Caesar was on the denarius that the Herodians and Pharisees handed Jesus in Mark 12:13-17. On the reverse side of the coin was a female figure seated on a throne with the inscription “Pontifus Maximus” (High Priest). For Rome, “son of God” and […]

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