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Passion or Perfection: Not a Both/And

Choose each moment
passion or perfection.
God is a jealous God.
We want a perfect God more.
Perfection means clean and tidy.
Passion is wild, ruthless, messy.
Passion reverberates with danger.
Perfection is safe. We like safe.
Perfection has sharp corners,
Right angles, clean lines.
Passion gets sweaty and dirty
Evoking decisions in the dust.
Perfection likes the clear air,
Clean white pages with the rules.
The God of passion wrestles us to
             the dirt and cripples us.
The God of perfection allows us to
               debate what to do on Sunday
               that’s “legal.”
Our God of Passion was made flesh.
The God of Perfection lives in a book.
Passion thunders, moving and shaking.
Perfection, mute and paralyzed, sits.
The choice meets us every moment:
Passion or perfection.
The jealous God of the Bible or
The tidy God of clean systems of thought.
Choose this day the God you will serve.